Study & Examination Techniques


Many students and their parents come to us to get help for Study methods and preparing for exams.

The usual complaints are

  • I study a lot but cannot remember anything during exams

  • I cannot concentrate on studies

  • My mind wanders when I try to study

  • I read and understand a lesson today but cannot recollect it the next day / next week.

  • I become blank and tense for exams even during unit tests.

  • We are worried a lot. My son/Daughter is really bright and intelligent but his grades are awful.

  • I am good in studies but worried about  MCQ tests like NEET, AIEEE or CET


Scientifically speaking study& Memory is a process involving three components.

  1. Receive - Read and understand the study material.

  2. Retain -   Store the information in long term memory.

  3. Retrieve – Reproduce from memory the studied material for written or oral exams.

                Students with difficulties in studies face some or other problems in one or more steps of this process. We at VIPP help the child by

  • A detailed history from student, parents and if needed from teachers

  • Psychological tests like

    1. IQ test,

    2. Study Skills ( Skills needed for effective studies) and

    3. Learning style (there are 7 types of learning styles). 

  • Psychological counseling – Study and Memory techniques, Stress Management, Time Management, conquering Test anxiety, How to answer a paper in an exam, prepare for exams like JEE, NEET, CET etc...

                We help the child to acquire the best study, memory and examination techniques which are not only useful for this academic year but are useful and important for the rest of his academic career. Better marks and grades increase self-confidence, self-esteem and open doors to further attractive and exciting career options. Feel free to contact us

Please feel free to call on

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