Marriage Counselling

‘Marriages are made in Heaven’

                You cannot foretell who will marry whom. Two people may love each other very much but may end up not marrying each other, and two people who not even know each other may marry each other in the end. Getting married is no doubt a highly exciting and pleasurable event in life. But at the same time entering, committing, and maintaining a special relationship may prove to be highly stressful.

                In earlier generations, the would-be groom and bride were trained and supported by the parents and members of the extended family. All members would pitch in to educate and empower the boy and girl to get ready for their respective roles in marital accord.

                Nowadays because of the nuclear family, industrialization, globalization and intense competition in job and career, along with changing roles of men and women life e.g. girls have job responsibility, career enhancement, juggling work and home, different roles and responsibilities at a home – boy’s participation in child care, child’s studies, kitchen activities, etc. will demand a new skill set and understanding between couples.

                We at Vishwa Institute of Positive Psychology help and empower couples to weather the stormy roads of the marital journey and to have the best ‘They lived happily afterward’ experience for them

                Road to eternal bliss journey stars with

  1. Case taking – to know you and your queries, problems, etc...

  2. Psychological tests

  3. Psychological tools

  4. Individual and family counseling

The most common counseling sessions are needed for:

  1. How I can make my marriage great?

  2. Premarital counseling

  3. Post Marital / early marital counseling

  4. Welcoming baby in the home

  5. Intelligent parenting

  6. How to achieve a Golden age of relationships

  7. Do I need a Divorce?

  8. Single Parent issues

  9. Mending life after an ugly divorce

  10. Remarriage – good or bad?


The psychological help is not only restricted to counseling sessions but we help you to learn and develop a clear and true skill sets to use and act confidently with rational and scientifically proven methods to alter and align your thoughts, emotions, and behavior while dealing with problems about Self, Other People and Situations in life. Come to us and take help to enjoy your life to fullest.