Astrological Guidance

Indian Psychology is based on three main pillars of knowledge.

  1. Yoga Vidya

  2. Astrology

  3. Indian Philosophy

                Along with modern research and technology in Psychological science, internationally used tests & tools we make judicious and scientific use of Astrology.

                In Psychological services, at VIPP we make perfect blend of internationally acclaimed modern research in psychology with ancient Indian wisdom and knowledge of astrology.

                Indian Astrology is a divine art based on certain principles and offers wonderful results when applied judiciously as a science. Astrology is used as an additional tool along with modern development of psychological tests and tools, psychotherapies, biofeedback machine etc...

Destiny factor cannot be known by any other means than astrology. Astrology can be used for

  • Guidance

  • Predictive and

  • Remedial purposes

                It is an astonishing fact that results of psychological tests very well match with the astrological predictions.

                For astrological consultation we require the following details from you:

  1. Full Name

  2. Date of Birth

  3. Time of Birth

  4. Place of Birth - (If it is a village - major town or district place nearby)

  5. Recent photograph.