Knowing Yourself is The Begining of All Wisdom

We try to know ‘You”

 Your Personality, Aims & Problems by
•    Case History
•    Interview
•    Questionnaires
•    Psychological Tests
•    Scientific Astrology


We help ‘You”

To solve your Problems and achieve your Aims – through

  • Psychological Tests

  • Psychological Tools

  • Counselling

  • LifeStyle advice

  • Guidance

  • Skill Training

  • Bio Feedback analysis

  • Books & CDs etc...

We help ‘You”

Procedure for  ‘You”

  • After the initial interview and case taking, we develop and discuss the plan of action to help you. Actual procedures will be initiated with your approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who we are?

                V I P P is a premier institution in north Karnataka – Belagavi, helping and empowering people with Positive Psychology. We help people in accomplish personal development along with conquering over distress, disorders and diseases.

  • Where is V I P P?

                We are at Belagavi earlier called Belgaum, in North Karnataka. Belagavi is well connected with rest of India by road (NH4), rail and Air. There are overnight AC sleeper buses from Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Belagavi has an airport with daily more than 17 flights to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and many major cities in India.   

The address is:

Vishwa Institute of Positive Psychology

Near Hindalga Ganesh Mandir

Double Road Corner,

Jaynagar, Belagavi, Karnataka, INDIA 591108 (You can find the link in the contact form)


  • What are the working hours?

The working hours are from 9 Am to 2 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM – Mon-Sat.

Please call on +91 93411 00653 / +91 97396 11642 between working hours to schedule an appointment.

Sunday appointments are usually not available. But in exceptional circumstances, it can be arranged.

  • What are the charges for consultations?

                You can contact us on +91 93411 00653 / +91 97396 11642 between 9 Am to 2 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM – Mon – Sat., to schedule your 15 minutes free consultation.  This first consultation is absolutely free. After this initial discussion further procedure and charges will be explained to you on the phone. As and when you wish to start the sessions you can do necessary payment by cash / Card/bank transfers/ NEFT/ phone banking etc.


  • How long the consultation / Counseling/sessions or process lasts.

                We do get clients from all over Maharashtra and Karnataka. Generally, it is observed that a whole day session for 2 -3 days are needed for the complete process. (Initial case taking, planning, Psychological tests, Counseling and guidance) Because of Lockdown due to COVID 19 we are offering online consultations, tests and counselling sessions. 


  • I heard that counselling sessions are to be conducted weekly for months together?

                It is a misconception that psychological treatment is a long drawn out and expensive process, It is not.  The general trend for counselling for local clients is weekly meetings. But as most of our clients come from far off places from all over Maharashtra, Karnataka, India and foreign countries we have modified the schedule and working pattern. All the counselling sessions are completed in initial 3 days at V I P P. Any additional counselling if needed is done online / on Whatsapp etc. This positive change in the process makes it cost-effective, fast and effective.



  • Why do I need psychological tests?

        When you go to a physician to get treatment for high blood pressure or diabetes, he will examine you and suggest some tests to find out more about the illness – like ECG, Blood sugar level, Lipid profile Urine / Blood examination; similarly when you display signs and symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, PTSD or depression we conduct certain psychological tests – (either paper-pencil or on computers) to know more about the condition. These tests help in diagnosing and treating your psychological condition. These tests also give us a deeper understanding of the cause and effect of your condition.

  • Why do I need Psychological Tests for Career Counselling?

        ​Career selection is the most important decision in your entire life. Each of us has a combo of interests, capacities and skills. We use a lot of tests and tools to identify them. Some of the tests related to career and studies are IQ, EQ, & S Q


  • Do you conduct Lectures, Seminars and workshops?

        Yes. We have been conducting Lectures, Seminars and workshops all over Maharashtra and Karnataka. Various colleges, schools, industries and NGOs have been inviting us to conduct programs for them and for laypeople. Generally, the organisers discuss with us the topic, target audience, key message to convey and other relevant details. We conduct the activities for them in sync with the requirements. We would like to help you and your groups in spreading a good message and empower people. A detailed list of lectures, seminars and workshops is there on the website. You can write a mail (,,) or contact us on +91 93411 00653 / +91 97396 11642 for further details.


  • What are the activities you are conducting for schools?

        The school is the first and most important place in the overall development of a child. The activities are usually arranged by schools, parents groups or other organisations like Rotary, Lions, Giants or other voluntary & youth groups.  The activity usually is chosen as per the request, the requirement of the target group in consultation with the school principal and governing board of the school.

         The activity can be a lecture, Seminar, Hands o experience or workshop.

         The activities can be broadly grouped under three groups.

  • For Students

    • Career Guidance

    • Boost Your Memory

    • Study skills and Examination

    • How to crack JEE, NEET

    • Public speaking and confidence-building Workshop

  • For Teachers

    • How to identify and  help Slow learners

    • How to help  students with ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    • Identification and remedial actions for - Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia

    • How to identify and help gifted and  creative children

  • For Parents

    • What is Your Parenting Style?

    • Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

    • Discipline with Love

    • How to develop Super Hero at Home

    • When, How and Why help the child in studies

    • Teach EQ, SQ to your child

    • Education without Schooling – Knowledge with fun activities.


  • Do you conduct online consultations and counselling?

        Yes. With the advent of COVID -19 and the nationwide Lockdown, we have upgraded our systems for online consultations and counselling. This Online facility will be available after the lockdown period also.

        After the initial Free 15 minutes consultation you will get a provisional plan of action- Case taking, Psychological tests needed, different Psychological tools required and the list of counselling sessions (e.g. for Stress management, problem-solving or improving EQ SQ, Career counselling. etc...)  with the charges for it. For each item, payments can be done online in our Bank account by NEFT or credit/debit card transfer.  Case taking will be done on phone or Whatsapp audio / video call.  Later on the link for the tests will be emailed to you. Once we receive the feedback / Answers, data will be processed to generate your results and reports which will be mailed to you. If you require a few tools they can be sent to you by courier or email. Similarly, counselling sessions are scheduled with mutual convenience and conducted on the phone, Whatsapp or skype.         

We usually schedule a follow up session in a fortnight. If needed additional help is offered as and when needed.