At VIPP we aim at total positive Development of an individual along with we treat psychological Diseases & Disorders and relieve Distress. It is our experience that Multifaceted, Multidisciplinary and Holistic approach towards psychological problems gives astonishing results. Modalities include

1.  Psychotherapy, Personal Guidance and counselling

2.  Skills Training – Time Management, Study Skills, Financial Management Skills, Emotional Management  Skills. Stress Management etc.

3.  Medicines –Ayurveda, Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Biochemic Medicines etc.

4.  Other novel treatment as Music therapy, Chromotherapy

5.  Royal Indian touch – Meditation, Dhyana, Relaxation Therapies, Yoga, Brain Programming, Lifestyle Advice, Diet and Nutrition etc.

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Giving a Presentation
Career Planning

Career planning is not selecting an academic course.

Career planning is a deliberate and positive effort to identify the best abilities, capacities and traits in an individual and recommend an academic path to match those to achieve his goals of life like success, satisfaction, and self-actualisation. We at V I P P conduct student’s & parents’ interviews, use various psychological tests and tools and counselling sessions to chart out a perfect career path for you. 

Workshops and Lectures for Students, Parents  

  Counselling, lectures and workshops for students, parents, teachers, Entrepreneurs, industrialists and for all in English, Hindi and Marathi languages. Workshops are designed as per their requirements. 

  1.  Art of studying  

  2. Memory, study and Exams

  3.   Problems solving & Decision Making

  4.   Facts of Happiness

  5.   Stress management

  6.   Time management

  7.   Interpersonal relationships between husband and wife

  8.   Career planning – choosing the right career.

  9.    Positive parenting

  10.    Power of subconscious mind

  11.  Brain Programming

  12.   Women Empowerment

  13. Stress Management for Women.

  • For various Industries and Institutions (HRD) – workshops, lectures etc.

    1. Problem Solving & Decision Making

    2. Stress Management

    3. Time Management

    4. Team Building

    5. Financial Management 

    6. Occupational Stress

    7. Brain Programming

    8. Planning for retirement

    9. Work ethics/work Culture

    10. Interpersonal communications etc….